Monday, March 22, 2010

hello hello baby?

yeah so here's how that happened...

i was not blessed with gaga's bone structure and in the video, the cheeks are HIGHLY contoured. i created this clean line just by holding a paper towel against my face at an angle and brushing on a bronzer, then a dark magenta called "dolly mix" by m.a.c.
in hindsight, i probably could've even swept a line of brown shadow and then blended it to make it even more severe.

i used m.a.c. concealer just about everywhere. under my eyes, to highlight my brows, over my lips. it just makes everything STICK and stand out more. it's particularly important on the lips because it really helps your lipstick stay put and prevents feathering. i also like that you get the true color of the lipstick since you're working with what's essentially a blank canvas.

in the video and in her most recent appearances, gaga's been wearing her brows penciled in, old-hollywood style (think marilyn monroe or elizabeth taylor) in stark contrast to her white blonde and highlighter yellow hair. my brows are pretty arched so all i really had to do was fill in with basic black eyeliner. i sketched the outline along my natural shape, squaring off the inner corners, drawing a little past where they normally end, and creating a slight peak at the arch. it's all about patience and feather-light strokes.

the rest of the eye makeup was really a no-brainer. after concealer, i did another layer of primer with the late, great m.a.c. paints in untitled. it's a nude, light pink with a very subtle shimmer. i went over that with m.a.c. eyeshadow in orb, a matte pink-white. i used trust ol' carbon in my outer creases, as well as a vertical line towards the inner corners which i blended thoroughly.

the eyeliner is somewhat of a pain in the ass if you're not experienced. my guess is if you're attempting this look, you at LEAST know you're way around a goddamn pencil liner. personally, i've converted to gel liner. i used boots black gel liner with m.a.c.'s angled 266 brush. i did the bottom line first with the upward angle pointing towards the edge of my brows. then i did the top, tapering the line towards the inner corners. i really wish i had white liner to do my waterline. i have very deep-set, small eyes and that would've helped take this look over the top.

the coke can updo is super easy, especially if you've ever put rollers in your hair. my hair is very layered so it took half a can of cheap, mega hold hair spray and a heap of bobby pins. i didn't do much with the side or back but you could twist the remaining sections of hair into a low side-bun and it would probably look rad. i haven't even taken my hair down. it's comfortably out of my damn face for once.

for the lips, as i mentioned before, i primed them with m.a.c. concealer. i used ruby woo lipstick just a hair inside the edges. then i lined my lips just slightly outside the natural lip line with black eyeliner. i blended the black into the red using light strokes with my ring finger, then topped it off with sheer red lip gloss.

if you're ready to go all the way for a costume look, you will need a leather jacket, fishnets, ankle boots and a bustier or corset. studded belts and bracelets, fingerless gloves, dark polish, all great for that prison yard, biker babe look.


Pooka said...

eeeyy gggiirrrll lemme finish that tattoo-- nice look btw, you can pull it off

Ioana-Carmen said...

Sweetie u are so sweet! Can we follow each other? Kisses from Romania!

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